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Readers are saying,

"This book is going to help a lot of people"


Improve your self-concept and interpersonal skills. Create relationships that work, by changing the way your mind works. Add MeYouQ to your repertoire of leadership skills and be glad you did.


Improve Your Interpersonal Effectiveness Now! 


Your employees would say,

“My supervisor needs to take this program!”


Allow your new managers to embark on real growth and development, and become effective, well-respected managers. Create a supportive, positive work environment, as employee loyalty, engagement, and productivity improve.


Fulfill your Duty of Care to Employees Now!


“Treena’s a great speaker.

Her workshops are useful and interesting”


Several workshops for managers or employees are available. Topics include leadership, personal management, mental health, and positive relations in the workplace. The MeYouQ and Psychological Health and Safety messages are adapted to the topic.


Offer Training as an Employee Benefit Now!


"Learners like the flexibility in course delivery!"


We offer our training in a variety of formats, including web-based. These courses are created in-house, using Articulate course development software, and are hosted on an LMS where we purchase space, so users can track their progress.


We can create and host a course for you to offer to your audiences as well!


Provide a vehicle for employee voice, as you protect mental health and promote mental wellness.


Adopt the Canadian Psychological Health & Safety Standard in your workplace, or simply begin to implement best practices for a psychologically healthy and safe workplace. Protect your organization and become an employer of choice. Please also see our list of workshops in this area.


Explore the 13 Psychosocial Factors Now!


This Anti-Stress Formula is a blend of “adaptogenic” herbs extracted from virgin forests and formulated as a liquid elixir to be taken daily.


This scientifically proven plant blend restores your ability to cope with stress by modulating cortisol levels, returning you to the healthy middle ground between stimulation and exhaustion. Some organizations buy it for their employees and see less absenteeism and fewer prescriptions, as well as an overall greater sense of positive mental health.


Put Your Health First and Feel Better Now!


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