Do you have what it takes to be a
successful supervisor?



Maybe not yet, but you will! Let us help you reach your goals. 




Our unique, one-on-one Become a Great Supervisor program allow you to gain the important knowledge and skills you need to be a great supervisor. Have satisfied, engaged, and productive employees.


This is focused supervisory skill development, with individual, one-on-one coaching, and personal, ongoing support as you practice your new skills and seek advice for specific issues you are encountering as you make the transition to your new role. Studies are showing that ongoing coaching is superior to a weekend seminar or single course!

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On A Mission

Live Your Passion, Embrace Your Purpose


Don't waste any more of your life trying to figure out what is going to make you happy. Articulate your values and needs, and develop a personal mission statement you can begin working on immediately.





Work a Peaceful Life

Calm the Inner Turmoil Holding You Back


Don't let the self-defeating thoughts prevent you from living your best life. Control your thinking, understand why you do what you do, and capitalize on your strengths.





Born For This

Build on Your Natural Greatness


Leaders aren't just people who were born to lead. Use your own knowledge, skills, and abilities to create your unique leadership style--one that will work for you, your employees, and your organization.





Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say

Communicate for Action


Avoid costly miscommunications with employees. Develop a shared understanding while you preserve relationships and gain cooperation from the people you work with. 





Accused of Caring

Foster a Harmonious Work Environment


Annihilate (or avoid) a toxic work environment. Prepare for your role as a new supervisor. Improve morale while caring for employee psychological health and safety.





Lead With Integrity

Earn Trust, Give Support


You won't need to rely on your formal authority to get people working for you. Build your emotional intelligence and a positive base of power to gain cooperation. Employees will follow your lead and see you as approachable and trustworthy.




Rapport and Respect

Build Awesome Relationships with Employees


Don't get caught off guard by not knowing employee expectations. Create a psychological contract with employees as you support their mental health and manage the organizational culture. 





Uphold and Enforce

Locate and Comply with the Rules


Stay out of legal trouble by knowing about and complying with employer obligations. Deal with ethical dilemmas and practice due diligence in your legal and supervisory duties. 





DIY Department

Manage the Human Resources Function Effectively


Avoid hiring the wrong person or making mistakes with performance evaluations and compensation. You will be able to administer the HR function on your own if you have to.





Break Their Bad Habits

Coach Employees for Productivity


Don't take anymore excuses from employees. Teach employees personal management skills and help them achieve work-life balance.





Dynamic Groups

Facilitate Team Success


Avoid common errors involved in bringing people together in teams. Build cohesive, self-managing teams that can implement quality and change management practices.





Give Them What They Came For

Provide Employees with Growth and Development


Improve job satisfaction and retention by helping employees further their careers. Create the type of environment that leads to employee engagement.






Grow Your Leadership Ability in the Right Direction!



Our courses are set up for online delivery, and we can develop eLearning lessons for you, using your content, as well.



We specialize in one-off courses for small and medium-sized businesses. These courses could be for your employees or for your customers and clients. Learning online is quickly taking over in-class presentations!

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