While we specialize in supervisor training (see the three programs below), to assist supervisors, we also deliver a variety of workshops for employees. Please approach us with your needs for employee training in customer service, time management, stress management, communications, conflict resolution, and more. We can create and deliver a workshop to meet your needs!



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This course has been approved for 3 C.E. credits by the Insurance Council of Manitoba. Please contact us for more information.


Contributing to Psychological Health and Safety in Your Workplace

Discover strategies for protecting mental health and promoting mental wellness in the workplace, as you become familiar with the Canadian Psychological Health and Safety Standard. Assess the psychosocial factors that lead to stress, reflect on positive workplace practices, and make plans to further enhance each factor. Discuss Mental Health First Aid strategies, generate ideas for reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, and increase peer-to-peer support. Discuss possible needs of people with mental health issues and explore strategies for reasonable workplace accommodations. Use the MeYouQ© process to increase inner peace, reduce interpersonal conflict, and build better working relationships. List your values, create a personal vision, mission, and goals, and develop a plan for future success and mental wellness. 

Contributing to Positive Interpersonal Relations and Personal Management in Your Workplace

Examine your own communication style and use various strategies in verbal, non-verbal, and written communication to deliver your intended message more effectively.  Build emotional intelligence, increase the capacity to understand others, and be able to listen empathically. Improve your skills in time management, stress management, and resilience, so you can adapt to change and other pressures. Examine your personal traits and motivation, so you can better meet your needs and balance your life.

Contributing to Employee and Team Success in Your Workplace

Develop your leadership style and build positive sources of personal power. Encourage learning and use delegating, coaching, and empowering strategies to set each of your employees up for success. Foster positive employee morale by providing useful feedback, running productive meetings, and handling difficult situations effectively. Take your diverse teams through the stages of team development, and prepare them to develop shared understanding and commitment, increase their accountability to each other, make decisions together, and deal with conflict on their own. 

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