Treena Chabot is passionate about personal leadership and wellness and can support you, or someone you know, in having a more successful, fulfilling life. She has conquered the quest for happiness when she was sure she never would have the life she wanted, and she is now helping others with their journeys.


Coming from a background of adult education, Treena saw the need for industry supervisor training, to help people adjust to their new roles effectively. She authored the MeYouQ book and created a training course that she still uses today, though her business has evolved to provide assistance to individuals seeking to have the best personal or work life possible. Treena is a certified Happiness Life Coach!


Along Treena's journey there were two beautiful, amazing daughters, as well as several personal and health challenges. She found help with her wellness using natural plant products and is passionate about telling others about them. She found happiness and success by becoming a leader in her own life and now she helps others to do the same. Helping is what makes her the happiest!


The work that Treena and her clients/students have undertaken and accomplished has been transformational!! 



Was life going OK, but now you feel stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled?



The Happiness Through Leadership Program is the greatest gift you can give yourself!


It will help you uncover the roadblocks that interfere with your success and expand your potential to live the life you desire. You will be an empowered leader of your own life, and develop the skills to be an effective leader for others as well.


Inner work can have an amazing impact on one's happiness and effectiveness!



The magic begins with a FREE download of Introduction to Happiness Through Leadership, so grab that today by tapping the button below. We hope you enjoy this sample of what you will find in the full program.

If you are inspired by what you read in the download, you can request more information and a personal meeting with Treena to discuss the program further. It includes a series of four online courses and regular emails. The courses are also available separately: Personal Leadership, Interpersonal Leadership, Daily Leadership, and Aquarian Leadership for our new age! Download the flyer here, or tap the button to send us a message.

Are you looking for a natural solution for an ongoing mental or physical health issue?



Wellness with Treena


As you will learn in the leadership course, personal wellness is extremely important to one's happiness. Hey, sometimes you need a little help with stress, anxiousness, sleep, mood, and more!


That's why Treena's business includes natural health products.


For more information on the amazing company and the incredible products, please visit Wellness with Treena on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Simply tap the icons ->




Do you feel a little over your head in your supervisor role? Perhaps you are doing OK, but you desire to be more effective in that role.



Training in Retaining and Engaging Employees


One-on-one coaching for new supervisors over 12 sessions are a wonderful way to become comfortable in your new role.


This personalized, ongoing support is proving to be more effective than sending your new manager off for a weekend seminar or post-secondary course.

Featured testimonials:


"Become A Great Supervisor program is IMPACTFUL"
The "Become A great Supervisor" program significantly improved how I interact, build relationships, and effectively complete work with my staff and superiors by giving me a clearer insight and appreciation of who I am, my purpose/ function, and how my actions directly and indirectly affect others around me. If you are searching for an answer to why you seem "distant" to your staff, why team morale or motivation is low, why you (and your team) are less or not effective at work, or if you feel the need to improve your "soft" skills, the Become A Great Supervisor is a GREAT solution!
Treena, thank you!
Ryan R.

"Taking the Become a Great Supervisor course through TREE for Supervisors was immensely valuable for myself as a manager and as a person. It taught me how to better understand myself, others and the relationships between employees. As a young leader Treena gave me wonderful advice tailored to my business, helped me grow as a person and a leader. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to gain a better understanding of what being a great supervisor takes and how to achieve it"

Rhys K.

Would you like to improve mental health in the workplace, but building a more supportive environment?



The MeYouQ book is another tool that will help you to become a successful leader.


If you are a new Supervisor, or if you are working toward that promotion, this book is especially for you!!


Learn strategies for building relationships that you can implement right away and become a competent and well-respected people leader.


This book is also a wonderful resource for companies who are trying to improve employee mental health.


Looking for virtual workshops to help with personal effectiveness and positive work environments?


Treena is also available for seminars and workshops for interpersonal skills! Please tap the button to email her for more information. 

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