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If you are here, it's because our paths are meant to cross.


You, your future self, or someone you know needs my help!



Are you are feeling STUCK and UNHAPPY, even though other people envy your life?

Are you are feeling DISCONNECTED from your life; you feel as though you've LOST YOUR SENSE OF SELF?


Are you are FRUSTRATED with people and don't understand why you can't get through to them?


Are you feeling DIFFERENT from the people around you; you just don't fit in?


Is something is nudging you, it's like you are being PRESSURED TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT in your life?


Do you know there's more to life, and you're SEEKING THE MEANING AND PURPOSE of your life?


Do you sometimes FEEL LIKE RUNNING AWAY from the life you created, but feel you don't have a choice?

Does your life feel OUT OF CONTROL, do you feel OVERWHELMED, and does it feel as though your needs aren't being met?


Are you answering Yes to these questions?


What if you could meet someone who can help you find purpose and direction in life. Imagine feeling more at peace, finding life more fulfilling, and having better relationships. Visualize yourself rising above negativity and suffering and becoming excited to live again!



You've come to the right place!



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Treena Chabot has 21 years' experience teaching and coaching in the areas of personal and professional development. She is an award-winning instructor turned small business owner who has helped over a thousand people to have important transformations in their work and personal lives.


After experiencing her own "rock bottom" eleven years ago, Treena made the choice to focus on personal goals of peace, happiness, and fulfillment. This has empowered her to be a leader in her life and live her purpose.


Since that is a great place to be, she now shares these tools and strategies with others through her podcast, newsletter, blog, masterclasses, signature presentations, and the Happiness Through Leadership program. 


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