About Treena

Treena Chabot calls herself the Happiness Quarterback, and she "passes" along and "hands off" what she has learned about happiness and how to be happier regardless of what is going on around you. She is a caring, supportive teacher, with a unique insight into what you are going through.

Treena has experienced the "do all the things you're supposed to do in life" and found it didn't bring her happiness. She found the strength to take back control, make important changes in herself, and have the life she needed to have. Treena has gone through a self-healing and self-discovery process to be able to creating true and lasting happiness.

With over two decades as a personal and professional development, Treena is now focusing on personal growth. She knows that once you make important changes in your inner self, everything in life just gets better.

Treena has helped over a thousand people to learn, grow, and thrive. Her clients and readers of her books would say they are empowered to move forward in their journey, and that they have clarity on what they need to do to overcome obstacles to their happiness and success. 

Treena knows that if you are suffering you don't have to. She would like you to live the life you were meant to live, feeling how you wish to feel.

Treena was able to create a better inner environment for herself by learning on her own, rather than use therapy or medical help. She was able to get through an emotional depression without medication. You might be different, so always follow your instincts about what you think you need.

If you feel it's possible to work on your inner self, Treena's books and workbooks will shorten the learning period for you, so you can begin to feel better right away!

Treena believes that there IS more to life, and if you are not happy in the life you are in, you are ready to experience what “more” means. She will help you to get unstuck.

Treena shifted to "Playing the Inner Game" and has had so many improvements in her life:

A sense of feeling whole and fulfilled.

A healthy, powerful relationship with her husband.

A more connected, supportive relationship with herself.

A life more aligned with her true self, freedom, and happiness.

A more self-controlled existence, with increased acceptance of what cannot be controlled.

A mindset that supports her own commitment to personal growth and the support of others.

Treena is married to Paul Chabot, and they have two adult children, as well as a Jack Russell x Chihuahua named Porter. Treena and Paul love to watch sports together, travel, and relax at home together.

Your future is waiting for you and this feeling of being lost, stuck, and empty is not going to go away. She wants you to know that there’s nothing wrong with you, and you don’t have to be afraid of change. In fact, the changes you might require may not be what you think.

Most importantly, Treena encourages you to make the choice to be happy and to do the work you need to do, whatever that means for you!

Treena is also a member in an amazing connection company called Polka Dot Powerhouse. This no-drama group of women can be life-changing for you! Click the image to visit the website ->

Office: Winnipeg, Canada


Courses: Online everywhere!

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