Treena Chabot is a Wellness Champion. 


Treena believes life is too short for stress and illness. She values empowerment, freedom, and self-determination. Check out her podcast at and find her on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn as "Treena Chabot" and as "Wellness With Treena". 




Treena Chabot works to have wellness in all of the areas of her life and is helping others do the same. She is a proud network marketing professional who provides leadership for her affiliates and support to them in building their own teams.  


Having bounced back from two major surgeries in the last 9 years, Treena understands what it feels like to be unwell. She shares information with people, so they can make their own decisions about their mental and physical health.  


Treena Chabot raised two beautiful daughters, Alexa and Danielle, and retired from a career as a community college instructor in 2018. She cherishes the abundance of time spent with her amazing and super-fun husband of 7 years, Paul. Their Elvis wedding is one to be remembered!




Treena is also an author!



In 2017, Treena authored her debut book, “MeYouQ: Life- Changing Protocols for People Leaders” as a tool for supervisors to relate better to their employees and support them the way they need to be supported.


This woud be a great tool for professional development for the young people in your life!


Her book is available in paperback and eBook format from Amazon. 


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