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Treena Chabot’s debut book: MeYouQ: Life-Changing Protocols for People Leaders is available on Amazon.


Treena Chabot has lived in Manitoba, Canada all her life. She grew up on a turkey farm in Gunton, went to grade school in Teulon, and now lives in the Fort Rouge area of Winnipeg. She became a seasonal resident in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012, which initiated a career change and move to the online business world.


Treena obtained two undergraduate degrees from the University of Manitoba and was a business teacher at Red River College in Winnipeg for 18 years. While teaching, Treena fell in love with the Canadian Psychological Health & Safety Standard, which she uses as inspiration to help organizations protect employee mental health and promote mental wellness. She believes a large part of reducing stress in the workplace is the ability to reduce unnecessary conflict; therefore, she specializes is in helping people grow their intrapersonal and interpersonal skills. 



In 2017, Treena authored her debut book, “MeYouQ: Life- Changing Protocols for People Leaders” as a tool for supervisors to relate better to their employees and support them the way they need to be supported. She has since created several online and virtual courses and coaching programs, as well as live workshops and signature talks. Treena believes “Life is too short,” so we shouldn't wait to bring out the best in ourselves and in others.


In 2019, Treena joined an amazing network marketing company, with the goal to improve wellness in the world through revolutionary, natural plant products. As a team leader, she now contributes to helping others achieve wellness and freedom in their own lives.


Treena has two beautiful adult daughters, Alexa and Dani, born on the cusp of Generations Y and Z. She cherishes the abundance of time spent with her amazing and super-fun husband of 7 years, Paul. Their Elvis wedding is one to be remembered!




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