We provide solutions for stress in the workplace, as you will see in the Books, Speaking, and Training links in the menu, or by clicking the icons below.


But there is no point looking at what we can do
before you look at what your business needs.


As specialists in Psychological Health & Safety, we help employers protect employee mental health and promote mental wellness. This means looking at how to get rid of unnecessary stress in the workplace.


We are talking about conflict, racism, mental health stigma, heavy workloads, lack of balance, lack of engagement, poor supervision, unmotivated employees, bullying, lack of appreciation, negativity, mistrust, and more.


If these are some of the issues you are facing, please contact us to start the discussion. We are going to help you get started on your path to a Psychologically Healthy and Safe Workplace for FREE. Then, if our Books, Speaking, or Training are something that can help your organization, we will be happy to accept payment for those.


Seriously, we are here to serve you, because we have a vision for a world with no toxic workplaces.



MeYouQ Book




Reduced Stress. 


          Improved Satisfaction and Productivity.


                                            Engaged at Work and in Life.


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