The first MeYouQ Book in the Series:

          MeYouQ: Life-Changing Protocols for People Leaders

From the back cover:


Turnover and absenteeism costs are high. Morale is low. Conflict is rampant. Employees are not engaged. These are some of the workplace issues of our time that affect productivity and competitiveness, and many managers do not know how to respond. Leaders can transform the workplace into a harmonious environment which fosters productive and satisfying work lives for everyone by building MeYouQ. This journey of self-awareness, empathy, and relationship building leads to improved quality of life, results from employees, and the ability to provide an atmosphere of psychological health and safety.


Available in paperback and ebook format. See your local bookstore or Amazon, where you will find a sample as well.





Learn a great process for self-acceptance and self-apprecation, reducing judgment and increasing acceptance of others, while building great working relationships! The MeYouQ process can help you in any area of your life.


The MeYouQ Book Club is available for your groups.


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The Second MeYouQ Book in the Series is currently under development. This one will be more for employees and co-workers.

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