"Have you ever thought of happiness as a skill that needs to be developed? Whether you call it happiness or joy, this is true for many people."

~ Treena Chabot, Happy Starting Today


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Happy Starting Today and the Inner Game Formula for Happiness are for overwhelmed and unfulfilled women who want to empower themselves to create happiness that lasts and are willing to read self-help books and implement what appeals to them.

Things aren't going to get better on their own!

Believe there is hope for things to improve.

Get help without talking about your stuff to anyone.

Recognize that inner growth is needed to get unstuck.

Buy the book, read it, and try the strategies.

Reconnect to yourself and discover what you need for happiness.

Message from Treena:

Years ago, I found myself at the lowest point in my life, even though I had done everything I thought I was supposed to do to be happy in life. I finally realized that if I wanted to be happy, I would have to turn inward and make important changes in myself. This was transformational for me, and now I want to help you have your personal transformation. I hope you will appreciate the stories and strategies in "Happy Starting Today," and that you will be able to build a happy life aligned with your true self. Things will get better as you develop the skills you are missing.

Take some time to reflect on your happiness in four important areas of your life. Download the "Reflecting on Happiness" Article here:

Begin to know yourself better by doing some journal writing. This download will teach you how to journal and give you several prompts to get started:

If you attended a workshop on the emotion wheel with Treena, you may be interested in this chapter taken from "Happy Starting Today":

What Could Working on Happiness Mean for You?

Insight into the struggles we all face.

Treena's insights into the struggles we all face are inspiring. Her true life examples really hit home and make me want to be vulnerable enough to share my thoughts and fears in order to resolve old issues that were buried long ago. My happiness will benefit for years to come.

Elaine Z.

Hopeful and excited about the future.

For the first time in a very long time I am feeling more hopeful and excited about the future. I am blown away by how much journaling has helped me to evaluate things in my life that are good and the things that need to change in my pursuit if happiness. I have made some very important and difficult changes and it feels really good. 

Sherry H.

Small steps before diving in.

 I’m not going to lie, it’s hard work trying to be Happy!  But Treena gives small steps and small picture ideas before diving in to the big picture life changing things.  This is educational material that I plan on using for years and years, circling back to it when I need.  

Molly N.

Taking the time to understand myself.

The material you present has motivated me to really use the tools to take the time and dissect an uncomfortable situation before responding. To have pride in myself, to love myself, forgive myself without needing others to make me feel good or happy is a big take away for me. I love learning about my mind and taking the time to understand myself.

Tanis D.

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