"The experience of doing what you think you're supposed to do and it not making you happy is common."

~ Treena Chabot, Happy Starting Today



A Foundational Product for Mitigating the Effects of Stress

The Benefits of Soulera

Enhanced resistance from the effects of oxidative free radical cell damage.

Enhanced coping with the physical and psychological effects of stress.

Improved mood and psychological coping capabilities.

Increased resiliency to environmental stress factors.

Modulation of the body’s output of cortisol.

Improved sense of overall well-being.

Support for healthy adrenal function.

Enhanced immune system activity.

Improved stamina and endurance.

Improved quality of sleep.

Increased energy levels.


A True Revolution in Immune Science

The Benefits of VK Vitamin C

Supports healthy immune function.

Supports replication of T-Cells and B-Cells.

Induces synthesis of heat shock proteins 70 & 90.

Assists in formation of Vitamin C in the body.

Health prebiotic to improve microbiome.

Prevents fibrosis (scarring of tissue).

The Plants in Soulera

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