As we age, we begin to forget things.          



Your plan to stay healthy as you age includes caring for your brain.



Your morning coffee becomes a natural nootropic formula, which

  • Enhances memory and ability to learn
  • Contributes to creativity and motivation
  • Helps the brain function under disruptive conditions
  • Protects the brain from chemical and physical assault
  • Increases the efficacy of neuronal firing control mechanisms


Nootropics possess few or no side effects. Experience 12 to 14 hours of clarity in just one cup.



As we age, we put ourselves first.




Your plan to stay healthy as you age includes self-care for mental health.




Your regular activities may include mindfulness, deep breathing, and some form of meditation.


Socializing with others will continue to be important, and you will need to find new opportunties to connect.


You will pay more attention to the foods you eat, because you know they can affect your overall feeling of well-being.


You continue to learn new things and look for ways to keep your mental capacity strong.


We will be pleased to sell you products, if they are part of your plan, and if they are not, you will not be pressured to purchase anything.

You will leave the session with a plan for the first few steps to wellness as you age.

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