Training is a Valuable Employee Benefit, and it's Necessary for the Success of Your Business


Training in Retaining and Engaging Employees


We strive to help you protect employee mental health and promote mental wellness, while having satisfied, engaged, and productive employees.


These courses will help your managers and employees 

take positive actions and ownership of their careers.


Training for Supervisors


Become a Great Supervisor 

  • Individual online training and coaching program - 16 weeks for $1,500 (Group format also available)
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  • Individuals may want to access the Self-Assessment

With the Become a Great Supervisor training and coaching program, the front-line manager will be on the way to:

  • Transform into a capable, respected leader with a positive source of power
  • Navigate difficult situations; focusing on compliance and harmonious employee relations
  • Provide appropriate, effective communication and feedback that develops and engages employees and teams
  • Implement management practices in line with good psychological health and safety

Become a Great Supervisor is comprised of prescribed exercises and regular communication with a supervisor development specialist to answer questions, troubleshoot specific issues, expand on topics that have extra importance, role-play interpersonal skills, and coach the new supervisor to success. Trainees work through a training manual and the MeYouQ: Life-Changing Protocols for People Leaders book, as well as several self-reflection questions. This is a flexible, customized program, where the client is encouraged to set weekly developmental goals and request assistance with specific issues and topics.



Any topics in the program can be done as a lunch and learn, virtual experience.



Training for Employees


Several Lunch and Learn style sessions (i.e. short in length) are available for in-person, virtual, or online course delivery. These courses contribute to employee well-being in the workplace. They gain a sense of empowerment and will have new strategies to manage their work and life.


Book one or more sessions for your group at $150 a hour (nonprofit rates are available). If you prefer to have employees learn on their own, each course is $10. A live, virtual session is provided once an employee completes all eight courses, and they will receive a certificate of completion.


Choose from our 8 courses:

  • Cope with Stress and Build Wellness
  • Increase Empathy and Practice Compassion
  • Meet Customer and Coworker Service Expectations
  • Enhance Emotional Intelligence and Improve Communication Skills
  • Create Trust and Choose Honesty
  • Explore Differences and Build a Shared Understanding
  • Know Yourself and Enhance Your Engagement
  • Understand Behavior and Increase Professionalism


These are important skills for today's employees to have, and we are here to support them in their learning. All of these topics contribute to better psychological health and safety in the workplace. Click for a longer description for each of the Courses.





Today's workplaces must hire good people, train them, and then get out of their way and let them do their jobs.


We are

  • Believers in equality and equal opportunity
  • Forward-thinking and insightful in problem-solving
  • Proponents of building positive, supportive work climates
  • Experienced in adult education and  workshop faciliatation
  • Committed to adapting our training to meet your specific needs



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